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Kompleks Ville Sołackie znalazł się na mapie Luxury Realty Map – zestawieniu najbardziej luksusowych rezydencji, domów i apartamentów w Polsce, przygotowanych przez Poland Sotheby’s International Realty.

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Kompleks Ville Sołackie zdobył nagrodę w kategorii „inwestycja” w plebiscycie Złote Ville 2017 – zrzeszającym najlepsze produkty branży wnętrzarskiej, luksusowe inwestycje oraz najbardziej wiarygodne firmy deweloperskie.

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“Ville Sołackie complex is seven three-storey buildings – six of them include three spacious, high-quality apartments.

My intention in the design phase was to create a beautiful, intimate enclave of narrow streets surrounded by greenery. Ville Sołackie blend in perfectly with the historic surroundings of the district.

It is a combination of early Modernism and Art Deco style, which makes the Villas extraordinary.”

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Sławomir Rosolski

Sławomir Rosolski


The location of Ville Sołackie ensures comfortable access to the business and cultural centre of Poznan within a radius of 5 kilometers.

Villa entrance

Entrances to the garage area


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in different styles

The spacious interiors of Ville Sołackie are an ideal base for interior design. Classic, elegant lines perfectly harmonise with any style and create a unique whole.

Provençal style

modern style   

eclectic style

highest level
of comfort

When designing the interior of the Villas, we ensured the maximum comfort and sense of security for their residents.


air condition

VRV system, consisting of remote controlled splits hanging in every room and the central unit.
centralny odkurzacz

vacuum cleaner

The entire installation of PVC pipes with three suction sockets and one automatic dustpan, which guarantees cleaning with a minimum noise level.


Control system for shutters, video entry phone, lighting in the on/off version in each apartment.
system alarmowy

alarm system

Alarm system dedicated to each apartment – 6 wired detectors, remote control, coupled with the phone.
przycisk antynapadowy

panic button

Installed in each apartment, allows for quick notification of a potential attack.

video entry phone

Surveillance system allowing to see any person entering the area of the complex mounted in each apartment.
strefa fitness

fitness zone

Rooms for individual fitness classes conducted by personal coaches and space for massage therapists.
elektroniczna kontrola dostępu

access control

State-of-the-art lifts on each floor, connected directly to the garage area, with access cards to all rooms.
pomoc techniczna


A team of qualified dedicated professionals maintaining the complex and repairing reported faults.
ekran akustyczny


An acoustic screen from Niestachowska Street
system kamer

camera system

Cameras equipped with a motion detection system deployed at key points in the complex.
ochrona terenu

security service

Security guards patrolling the area of 7 Villas 24/7 and watching the area via cameras.
grupa interwencyjna

intervention group

An emergency team supporting the security guards in emergency situations.


inteligentny dom

(advanced options)

As an option, it is possible to extend the intelligent control system, among other things, with the control of temperature, air conditioning or multimedia.
ogrzewanie podłogowe


Underfloor heating can be provided according to the individual wishes of the customer and tailored to their expectations.


The developer finishing standard includes only a flue duct. Installation of the fireplace is only available with the mechanical ventilation option.


A person supporting the residents of the complex in everyday matters.
klimatyzacja kanałowa


In addition to the standard offer, we can provide ducted air conditioning system whose advantage is the lack of visible splits (air conditioning units).


As an additional option, we offer mechanical ventilation with heat recovery based on a recuperator.

for demanding people

Ville Sołackie is a unique place which is a combination of elegant modernity with tradition. It is a quiet enclave, located in a quiet and safe area of Poznan.

Ville Sołacz
Ville Sołacz
Ville Sołacz

With the closeness of nature, you will be able to have a rest from the daily hustle and bustle even in the city centre.

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