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A retreat, synonymous with exclusivity and elegance built in a prestigious Poznan district. It is here that tradition is intertwined with luxury solutions.

Ville Sołackie is a modern apartment complex located in the heart of the lush greenery of
Sołacz District. With the closeness of nature, you will be able to have a rest from the daily hustle and bustle even in the city centre.

Today's lifestyle is far from quietness. That is why it is very important to have an enclave of tranquillity where you can relax and regenerate.


Sołacz is not only the most exclusive address in Poznan, but also one of the most interesting residential districts in the country. It combines prestige and rich history. Its charm lies in the masterly woven network of short streets and small squares in the lush and omnipresent greenery.

The heart of this charming neighbourhood is a beautiful, picturesque park, designed in the style of romantic English gardens – full of charming alleys with lamp posts and benches designed in the style from the beginning of the twentieth century.

The author of this concept was Prof. Stübben, the creator of urban development plans in Vienna, Brussels, Helsinki, Madrid and Cologne. With his ideas Sołacz is extremely quiet and intimate.


“Ville Sołackie complex is seven three-storey buildings – six of them include three spacious, high-quality apartments.

My intention in the design phase was to create a beautiful, intimate enclave of narrow streets surrounded by greenery. Ville Sołackie blend in perfectly with the historic surroundings of the district.

It is a combination of early Modernism and Art Deco style, which makes the Villas extraordinary.”

Sławomir Rosolski

Sławomir Rosolski

Only the best materials were used in the construction of the Villas so as to ensure the highest aesthetic and technical standards. All the Villas have decorated, wooden windows and hipped, mansard roofs. Their style fits perfectly into the canons of classic elegance, which is highlighted by wrought iron railings of balconies, terraces and French windows.

All these elements have been designed individually for each Villa, so as to highlight their aesthetic nuances.

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See how well this cosy complex blends with the greenery of Sołacz and experience its convenience.

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