in the heart of Sołacz

The location of Ville Sołackie combines two opposites – closeness to nature and easy access to the city centre. The neighbourhood is a charming oasis of greenery – historic Sołacki Park, just 4 kilometers away – Downtown. This made it possible to achieve the impossible – a secluded enclave in the centre of Poznan.

Thanks to this location, the business and cultural centre is only within a few minutes drive.

Villa entrance

Entrances to the garage area

for demanding people

Ville Sołackie is a unique place which is a combination of elegant modernity with tradition. It is a quiet enclave, located in a quiet and safe area of Poznan.

Ville Sołacz
Ville Sołacz
Ville Sołacz

With the closeness of nature, you will be able to have a rest from the daily hustle and bustle even in the city centre.

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